A Dash of Sass is about cooking, baking and otherwise sassing around the kitchen! This is the place where I explore different recipes, try new flavors and techniques and relate my successes (and failures) to you.

This blog is the chronicle of a continuous learning experience. I’m not a professional chef and I’ve never been to culinary school. I’m just your regular, average, ordinary girl sassing about and making a mess in the kitchen.

While my tendency is to work with whole grains, fresh produce and low-glycemic carbohydrates (yes, healthy stuff), I have an insatiable sweet tooth. I firmly believe that you need to allow yourself to go the Full Paula Deen sometimes and use a couple sticks of butter and gobs of real sugar. But all things in moderation, right?

So have a look around. Drop me line. My hope is that you’ll find some inspiration here and some encouragement. You can cook. Everyone can cook. Just get in the kitchen. Don’t worry about making a mess or “getting it right.” It’s food, not rocket science. Most importantly, have fun!

– Kate