Currently using a forged knife set

There are two types of knives. We have the forged knives and the stamped knives. Now I personally like using forged knives. Especially forged German Knives. My own knife set is the 8-Piece kitchen knife set from Zwilling J.A Henckels.



Forging a knife generally makes it stronger. It will be sturdy and the edge will certainly last longer. By forging a knife, it will be much more balanced since it has a bolster in the middle. The bolster will also protect for finger.

Sharpening a forged knife is also much easier. However, I recommend sharpening it at your local knife sharpening service. The weight of the knife will give you effortless slicing but if you need a knife to cut through fish or chicken, purchase a boning knife. Forged knives are a must in your kitchen. I really recommend the Zwilling Henckels brand because I am happy with the sharpness and comfort it has given me. It’s the fifth year and I’m still using it.