Best Espresso Machine Buying Guide

To the coffee lovers who do not have their own espresso machine at home, what are you doing with your life? Well, you can’t blame yourself if you haven’t purchased one yet. Of course you would have to receive and read the right information especially best espresso machine reviews. I was on and learnt quite a bit about espresso machines. So here’s what I feel every first time buyer should know.


When buying an espresso machine the first time, you should definitely consider these specifications. However, it certainly depends on the environment. You should also determine your budget as not all great espresso machines are super expensive. You can even get the best espresso machine for 150 dollars so the only thing you need to do is find a machine that will suite your lifestyle.

The Material of the Machine

Do not purchase an espresso machine that is made out of plastic. It will be less sturdy and is easier to slip off the kitchen counter. The small and compact Nespresso Inissia machine is made out of plastic. It is very light and it attracts people with their variety of colours. Of course if you have a certain budget and want a great machine, you can get the Nespresso Inissia for below 80 dollars. Always seek for a machine that is made out of metal such as the Nespresso Citiz.

Double Boiler Vs Single Boiler

If you have previous experience with different types and brands of espresso machines, you will know the difference of a double boiler and a single boiler. A single boiler is ideal for a home kitchen. This is because it carries out one function at a time. You will have to wait a couple of minutes after brewing to steam the temperature.

It doesn’t take very long but if you’re purchasing an espresso machine for an office, you should go for the double boiler. It certainly saves up time and has the ability to brew and steam at the same time. The temperature is also very accurate. The brand Breville sells great double boilers but if you’re interested in a single boiler, the Gaggia Classic is the best espresso machine.

The Steaming Wand

Some people may think that a steaming wand is not important but if you love your lattes and cappuccinos, you will definitely love a good steaming wand to froth your milk in the morning. You would also have to clean the wand regularly as you wouldn’t want it to smell like spoilt milk. A steaming wand that is super popular and can be found on many types of espresso machine is the Panarello wand.

You should definitely keep an eye on these three important features as they will really help you to search a perfect espresso machine for yourself. I would also suggest you to determine the right style of espresso machine. If you’re a homebuyer, do check out the best automatic espresso machine which is the Nespresso Citiz. It uses a capsule instead of coffee grind. This definitely saves up time.