They’re the best kitchen knives out there

I know you can debone a chicken with a normal knife but I assure you that it’ll be done with immense difficulty and you may injure yourself in the process as well as damaging the knife. It’s much easier when you use a Boning knife. Especially the right one.

Now, if you’re clueless on how to choose a boning knife, you should check out these boning knives because they’re the best kitchen knives out there.

The Sharpest Boning Knife

True to the many outstanding review, the Wusthof Classic 5-Inch Boning Knife is razor sharp and great for deboning poultry and meat as it is stiff. It feels great in your hand and also has the perfect balance a boning knife can obtain. It has also been compared to the J.A. Henckel Pro S as they almost look the same. Both of the boning knives were great but Wusthof has better quality.

The Stunning Boning Knife

This boning knife is not only a looker, it’s performance is very impressive. The boning knife I’m talking about is the Global Cromova Flexible Boning Knife. Global has been making well balanced and lightweight knives for a long time. However, you must know that a flexible knife is great for deboning fishes as it’s meat is much tender.

This boning knife is 6 1/4-inch long. Not only that, their blade is made out of high-tech molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel.  It is because of it’s special blade material, it’s edge last much longer. Even though the handle looks weird, it is very comfortable to grip on and you won’t suffer much if you’re going to debone for long periods.

Both of the knives mentioned above are great but it all depends on what satisfies your needs most. Go for the Flexible boning knife if you’re working with a lot of fish and the Stiff boning knife if you’re working with meat. You won’t know what’s missing until you try it!