My experience on using a stainless steel cookware

Another stainless steel cookware I would recommend to all professional chefs is the Calphalon Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Dutch Oven. A big name in the cookware arena, this Dutch oven is meticulously crafted and designed to cook a wide variety of foods without running out of space. What I found inspiring about this Dutch oven is the mix of steel and aluminum materials to allow heat distribute evenly throughout the interior when cooking.

Calphalon Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Dutch Oven
The Calphalon Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Dutch Oven has two grip handles on either side to make it easier for you to carry and a glass/transparent lid to help you monitor your food when cooking. Chefs and mothers alike are expected to take advantage of the slow cooking mechanism offered by this Dutch oven to cook various meals such as chicken, soups, chili and more.


The Calphalon Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Dutch Oven is designed with an aluminum core surrounded with stainless steel for effective heat transfer.
This Dutch oven is light and easy to carry even when filled with food.
The bottom is flat making it easy to use on any stovetop.
The 5-quart capacity is perfect for cooking family meals.
This cookware is versatile, stylish and dishwasher safe.


One setback I noticed with this Dutch oven is that the bottom curves after some time leaving it quite unstable when resting on the stovetop.
The interior is not non-stick so you’ll expect to see some food debris sticking on the walls of the Dutch oven.

Pococina Nonstick Ceramic Coating Frying Pan and 10 Inch Green Skillets with Detachable Handle
I would like to recommend the Pococina Nonstick Ceramic Coating Frying Pan and 10” Green Skillets with Detachable Handle to all mothers, chefs and kitchen enthusiasts out there. Designed with a large non-stick interior, this cookware will surely entice you when it comes to cooking restaurant-quality meals.
Available with an induction bottom, this frying pan is capable of handling high temperatures without getting damaged. The non-stick interior prevents food from sticking to the walls while the long detachable handle lets you cook on high temperatures without burning your hands.
To make this frying pan even more reliable, mothers and professional chefs are expected to enjoy the lightweight features of 1.9 pounds and sleek appearance that make this pan easy to hold, wash and pack without eating much of the kitchen space.
This pan is non-stick, smooth and very easy to clean.
This pan gets hot very fast making it perfect for cooking fast meals.
The coated detachable handle is removable and doesn’t get hot whatsoever.
This pan is capable of cooking a wide variety of meals without any hassles.
The price of this pan is budget friendly to all customers.
One minor setback with this frying pan is that the interior discolors after some time.

My personal favourite of cookware – stainless steel

The best cookware to have in your kitchen to sear your meat before adding them to your stew is to use stainless steel cookware. Not only are you building the meat’s flavour but it also spreads heat evenly throughout the pan. My personal favourite is the All Clad 10-inch frying pan. It has a big surface and you can also use it on an induction cooker. The pan is very durable and the ingredients that I fry in it does not get stuck easily. You also don’t have to use a lot of oil to get the meat sizzling.

Searing Instructions

To start searing the meat, of course you have to prepare the meat. First, cut them into bite size pieces and dry the surface of the meat with paper towels. While you are doing this, heat the pan to medium-high and drizzle enough oil. Then, sprinkle salt on pepper on them and transfer them to the pan when the oil starts to shimmer.

Do not move the meat unless it’s completely seared. How will you know this? It will easily lift off the pan. You can add more oil when necessary as the meat will absorb the oil. After they are seared, you can deglaze the pan anyway you prefer. Whether it is with water, wine or even chicken broth. Follow these steps, and I guarantee that your stew will taste amazing.

They’re the best kitchen knives out there

I know you can debone a chicken with a normal knife but I assure you that it’ll be done with immense difficulty and you may injure yourself in the process as well as damaging the knife. It’s much easier when you use a Boning knife. Especially the right one.

Now, if you’re clueless on how to choose a boning knife, you should check out these boning knives because they’re the best kitchen knives out there.

The Sharpest Boning Knife

True to the many outstanding review, the Wusthof Classic 5-Inch Boning Knife is razor sharp and great for deboning poultry and meat as it is stiff. It feels great in your hand and also has the perfect balance a boning knife can obtain. It has also been compared to the J.A. Henckel Pro S as they almost look the same. Both of the boning knives were great but Wusthof has better quality.

The Stunning Boning Knife

This boning knife is not only a looker, it’s performance is very impressive. The boning knife I’m talking about is the Global Cromova Flexible Boning Knife. Global has been making well balanced and lightweight knives for a long time. However, you must know that a flexible knife is great for deboning fishes as it’s meat is much tender.

This boning knife is 6 1/4-inch long. Not only that, their blade is made out of high-tech molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel.  It is because of it’s special blade material, it’s edge last much longer. Even though the handle looks weird, it is very comfortable to grip on and you won’t suffer much if you’re going to debone for long periods.

Both of the knives mentioned above are great but it all depends on what satisfies your needs most. Go for the Flexible boning knife if you’re working with a lot of fish and the Stiff boning knife if you’re working with meat. You won’t know what’s missing until you try it!


Currently using a forged knife set

There are two types of knives. We have the forged knives and the stamped knives. Now I personally like using forged knives. Especially forged German Knives. My own knife set is the 8-Piece kitchen knife set from Zwilling J.A Henckels.



Forging a knife generally makes it stronger. It will be sturdy and the edge will certainly last longer. By forging a knife, it will be much more balanced since it has a bolster in the middle. The bolster will also protect for finger.

Sharpening a forged knife is also much easier. However, I recommend sharpening it at your local knife sharpening service. The weight of the knife will give you effortless slicing but if you need a knife to cut through fish or chicken, purchase a boning knife. Forged knives are a must in your kitchen. I really recommend the Zwilling Henckels brand because I am happy with the sharpness and comfort it has given me. It’s the fifth year and I’m still using it.

Stainless steel cookware is an ideal investment

Choosing a cookware is a tedious task with the wide range of best stainless steel cookware brands existent in the market. Stainless steel cookware is one of the best in the market. Best stainless steel cookware is an ideal investment. There are numerous stainless steel companies selling their products
under different brand names. A cookware review can assist buyers out of this situation.

Stainless steel cookware is popular among professional cooks as it is constructed out of thick gauge metal that enables the cookware to disburse heat and absorb efficiently. Stainless steel cookware have aluminum base to further assist in heat distribution procedure for food to be equally prepared. With an added thickness of all stainless steel cookware sets considerably resists warping. Additionally, stainless-steel cookware does not have any coatings which may contaminate

Best stainless steel cookware has sturdy and heat resistant handles for users to use as grip. This is important as cookware may scald your hands or slip easily from your hands. With different sizes of pans and pots, you may interchange lids at your convenience.

Shopping for the best cookware set

I love watching cooking shows on TV. I usually pay keen attention to various cookware pieces used and I am on certain occasions tempted to replace my existing pans and pots that have been part of my kitchen for some time now. Indeed, I must admit that I have replaced some of my cookware pieces over time.

From personal experience, it is very beneficial to take into account several factors before you set out shopping for the best cookware set.

There are different types of cookware sets and you need to determine which type best suits you. You have the option of buying cookware set made of either stainless steel, copper, cast iron or aluminum.

You also need to decide on whether you want a nonstick (coated) or uncoated cookware set. Note that nonstick cookware sets require minimal use of oil when cooking and are easy to clean. However, they are susceptible to scratch. Furthermore, food cooked in nonstick sets does not brown as required.

On the other hand, uncoated cookware sets provide for excellent food browning when cooking. However, they can take some time to clean.
What type is best for you? You may choose to do what I often do. Choose to buy a nonstick cookware set and through in two or three uncoated pieces or choose an uncoated cookware set and two or three nonstick pieces.

The best cookware set should have features that will aid your cooking and make your cooking enjoyable. I do ensure that I only buy sets with glass lids that make it possible for me to see how my food is cooking without lifting the lid, which allows steam to escape.

I also pay attention to the cookware set handles when buying a set or pieces. Note that you have the option of buying a set with handles made of cast steel iron, plastic, silicone, wood or tubular stainless steel. It is also beneficial to consider how handles are designed. You are most likely to find welded, riveted and screwed handles. The best cookware set should have steady handles that are light but heat resistant.

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I know that this can be controversial. Is it necessary to consider the brand of a cookware set to buy? Not really. I have come to realize that although most people choose such top brands as Cuisinart, Anolon, Farbeware, Circulon and Rachel Ray that are well known, there are new entrants into the cookware industry that also offer quality cookware sets. Indeed, you can easily find your best cookware set by considering some of the little-known cookware brands available in the market at affordable price. It is important to note that there are manufacturers who produce cookware sets with mid-lower market segments as their main target markets. Such cookware sets turn out to be of the same quality as that of top brands.


Which is the best stainless steel cookware to purchase

As you all know, there are a hell lot of stainless steel cookware sets in the market today that you can buy. The only problem, however, is the fact that every company is blindly trying hard to lure as many customers as possible to buying their cookware sets. This is the reason as to why we need at least somebody to trust when looking for the best stainless steel cookware to purchase.

I have personally used and watched my parents and relatives use a variety of stainless steel cookware sets, and I can at least brag about knowing some top notch stainless steel cookware sets you can buy today. I am, therefore, writing this recommendation, because it is almost impossible to trust many stainless steel cookware reviews online today. Many of them are vague and full of lies, but with a strong marketing language that is meant to confuse prospect buyers. This is why I feel that I should give you a real consumer point of view, so as you at least know where to begin from when making a stainless steel cookware set purchase.

Let me, however, start by saying that stainless steel cookware sets are the best you can ever use in preparing your meals. Having said this, it is also important I mention that these stainless cookware sets are manufactured from different companies, and are of different types, models and brands. This is the reason as to why I have found some cookware sets to be far better than others.

If I am to buy another pair of stainless cookware set today, then I will most definitely go for the All-Clad B1 Nonstick Hard Anodized 13-piece Cookware Set and Open Stock. Another Stainless steel cookware set that comes highly recommended from me is the Calphalon Contemporary Stainless Steel 13-Pece Cookware Set, which is slightly cheaper than the former. Other Stainless Steel cookware sets I have used and found impressive include the T-Fal performance Stainless Steel Copper Botton cookware set and the ZWILLING Energy Cookware Set and Open Stock.

Try using one of these stainless steel cookware sets and share your amazing cooking experience with us. I wish you a nice stainless steel cookware set shopping spree!

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Kitchen Knife Set Reviews – Have The Right Utensil To Hand Right Away

Reviews and kitchen knives

Confusion can reign in the kitchen when you’re never quite sure where that old cutting knife your Aunty Nora gave you ten years ago is. Either that or the knives you can find are loosening their grip on reality, health and safety thereby risking a disaster in the making. Knives are a vital tool any serious cook should have in his or her cooking utensil kit. Without a good quality set of knives you risk injury to yourself as well as a lower standard of food and even hygiene when it comes to creating a perfect dish for friends, family or business associates.

How To Buy Kitchen Utensils ?

So what should one think about before buying new kitchen knives? The first point to consider is how many knives you want and for what types of food you want the knife to be used in conjunction with. A single chef’s knife is relatively wide ranging in scope and can cut through most meats and vegetables. However, this knife will not be so effective when it comes to breads, cakes, fruits and the various amount of cutting styles related to peeling, shaving, mincing and dicing.

Avid Cooks Need Knife Sets

If you are someone who likes to prepare and cook food on a regular basis for family and guests, then the safest and most cost effective choice is to buy a set of knives, each designed with a different style of cutting in mind. kitchen knife set for example produce a varied array of sets including the Fusion with maple block which has received rave reviews from previous buyers. An extremely helpful and beneficial sharpening tool to keep your knives sharp.

What Materials Do You Need In Your Knife Set?

Made from high-carbon stainless steel, these food preparation utensils are some of the sharpest and best made knives on the market and kitchen knife set reviews have certainly pointed to the benefits of these qualities. No need to hide your ugly old knives away in a draw any more, for the handles on these knives are a quality asset in themselves which have been specially made for added comfort and grip.

I’d Pick An 18 Piece Fusion Knife Set

Kitchen knives are a vital element in any chef’s utensil kit, whether you are a seasoned professional or a relative novice trying out new recipes for family and friends. kitchen knife set reviews have been high in praise for the 18-piece Fusion kitchen knife set and when it comes to safety, efficiency and visual attractiveness, these sets are hard to beat.

Cook Like A Master Chef

There are thousands of rules barked at young aspiring restaurant chefs by gnarled old head chefs over the life of their apprenticeships. Here are 15 valuable rules for the home cook – and all delivered without the swearing, brandished hot palette knife, and raised hand of a traditional 20th century kitchen.


1 Time is your most valuable ally – preserve it.

Whether cooking dinner for the kids, friends or a restaurant full of customers, the chef’s mantra is always to try and maximise your time. They do this through making lists, well-planned preparation and clever cooking so plan, shop and do a prep list of what you need to buy and what tasks need to be done.

2 Organise your pantry and your freezer

Have things in neat little boxes so you can find them. Date and name everything you put into your freezer, pantry or fridge. Be a pantry nerd and you’ll save not only many hours but also many dollars.

3 A cup is not always a cup

Measure out by weight rather than by volume as this will minimise your margin of error when trying to recreate a recipe. A cup can be a very random amount depending on how closely packed the ingredient is or whether the cup or other measuring aid is marginally over or under filled.

4 Waste nothing

Don’t throw anything away. Recently I’ve eaten bresaola cured in the used grinds of the restaurant’s coffee machine, sushi made of the frilly edge of a flounder and waffles made from the wings of skate. Waste is lost dollars. So use trimmings, heads and scraps for stocks, soups, bisques and flavoured oils.

5 Don’t leave flavour in the pan

Not all seasoning will stay on what you are cooking but will stick to the pan. Scrub this flavour back into your sauce by deglazing your pan with a splash of booze, stock, fruit, vegetable juice or even water.

6 Cook and buy what you need

Leftovers that never get eaten are waste, too. So work out what you’ll need and only cook what will be eaten unless you are batch cooking a dish for a number of meals.

7 Strong foundations

Foundations come from books, teachers, repetition and knowledge but they also come from building a dish properly whether from using a good stock or starting your dish with a traditional French mirepoix or Italian soffrito of onion, carrot, and maybe celery or fennel. As with browning meat, take the mix of diced veg to a deep golden place for the best flavour – unless the recipe calls for delicacy and subtleness.

8 Love your oven

Remember that an unwatched pan in the oven is far less likely to burn than an unwatched pan on the stove. The oven is gentler too so even if things do catch (and assuming they don’t go too far)you’ll be pulling out a pan with loads of toasty bits to stir back in rather than a charred mess. Full article at here.

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